Beginners Steroids Pack Test and Eq


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Beginners Steroids Pack Test and Eq


A great cycle for all beginners in bodybuilding and others that want to gain mass. Cycle results in mass gains with moderate androgen properties. This is a basic testosterone and Boldo 250 (equipoise/ EQ) stack. The Boldo 250 allows for a lower overall dosage of testosterone, without sacrificing much in terms of expected gain !!

Estrogen build up should be controllable with this stack, yet still should reach a point where it is aiding in the promotion of an anabolic state. Take 1 Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex) tablet each day early into the cycle to really suppress rising estrogen levels!!!

  1 Boldo 250 (Equipoise) 10ml x 250mg/ml,
2 Testosterone Enanthate 10ml x 250mg/ml
1 Tamoxifen Citrate 100 x 10mg
1 HCG (Pregnyl) 15,000 i.u.

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