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Manufacturer – Dragon Pharma

Release form – 100 tablets at 10 mg

Active ingredient – Oxandrolone (Anavar)

Anavar is an excellent tool for creating a beautifully textured body and getting rid of fat. The drug allows you to effectively get rid of subcutaneous deposits. Increases strength, speed and endurance during training.

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The effect of the drug and its properties

Anavar is a high anabolic and low androgenic steroid often used by professional athletes with heavy training programs and strict diets. Here’s how Oxandrolone works:

  • Increases muscle density and firmness;
  • Creates good relief and definition of the muscle mass;
  • Stimulates increased production of growth hormone and IGF-1 factors;
  • Increases strength, speed and endurance;
  • Provides fat burning process and reduces excess weight.

The anabolic activity of the drug is 4 times greater than that of conventional testosterone. Moreover, the androgenic effect is 60% less. So this substance is optimal for weight loss, but not the best suited for muscle building.

Possible side effects

The drug has low toxicity and inhibits aromatization. Therefore, effects such as gynecomastia, liver dysfunction and hair loss are excluded. In some cases, when taken, there is a decrease in the production of natural testosterone. However, this effect is compensated for during PCT, with the help of boosters and recovery drugs.

With a large violation of the dosage and duration of the course, testicular atrophy may be observed.

Applications and combinations

When starting to take a steroid, you should consult with a sports doctor. You also need to strictly adhere to these instructions:

  • The maximum daily dose should not exceed 50-100mg. It should start with 20mg per day. Swimmers and athletes and females take 10mg per day. The dosage is selected according to physiological and sports parameters of the individual athlete;
  • The duration of the course is no more than 4-8 weeks in duration, dependent on the experience levels;
  • The daily dose is divided into two doses for the optimal blood concentration levels;
  • To maximize the effect of the drug, you must strictly follow the diet and exercise regularly;
  • 2 days after the completion of the course (if solo), you must undergo post-cycle therapyTamoxifen is well suited for this. Take 20mg daily for 2 to 4 weeks;

To improve the effect of taking Oxandrolone, you can add Sustanon or Primobolan to the course. They will also help reduce the negative hormonal effect. Combination products for these cycles can be purchased in our online store.

Reviews of Anavar by Dragon Pharma

Bodybuilders and athletes love this drug because it does no harm to the liver and inhibits aromatization. At the same time, athletes highlight such an effect as fat burning and good muscle growth. Increased endurance and speed. It is often used for competition preparation, fat loss and definition.

You can place an order for steroids from the USA in our online store and start your journey for that amazing figure!

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