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Manufacturer – Dragon Pharma

Release form – 100 tablets at 20 mg

Active ingredient – Methandienone oral (Dianabol)

Dianabol has managed to get a reputation as an incredibly high-quality product for many years. The oral steroid contains the active substance, Methandienone (or Methandrostenolone). It is a classic drug that suits athletes of all categories. Because of its popularity, there are lots of reviews about the drug. Recent observations show that many serious athletes prefer this particular product.

Action of the drug

  • The main effect is a rapid increase in muscle mass due to the activation of protein synthesis and glycogenolysis
  • Increased power
  • Increased appetite
  • Fat burning
  • Strengthening of the skeletal system
  • It has relatively low androgenic activity

Dianabol is not considered the most effective weight gainer, but the muscle quality it provides, and low water content put it on a pedestal of leadership when it comes to results. In most cases, the amount of dry mass remains unchanged, which once again proves the high quality of the drug. Naturally, Methandienone comes with bonuses such as improved appetite, increased strength and a general boost of vigor, which has an excellent effect on the quality of training.

Optimal dosages

The most suitable dosage is 40mg, which is 2 tablets a day. However, you can start with a smaller amount, e.g. 20mg, and increase it depending on the results.

Take the pills at the same time to improve the effectiveness of the drug. In the choice of steroids for a combination cycle, nothing has changed, the most optimal option is Deca. In general, Dianabol interacts perfectly with drugs on any cycle based on weight gain.

Possible side effects

  • Gynecomastia
  • The high burden on the liver
  • Increased blood pressure due to fluid retention
  • Pimples
  • Possibility of heartburn

All the side effects mentioned above disappear after stopping the cycle.

Given that Methandienone belongs to the group of potent steroids, it is necessary to take PCT after the cycle. This allows you to restore the production of natural Testosterone and also helps maintain the gained mass. There is no

Buy Dianabol Online

thing new in the choice of drugs, therefore Tamoxifen and Clomid are the best options. During the Dianabol cycle, you can also use Proviron, especially on a solo cycle.

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