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 Manufacturer – Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Drug form – 10 capsules

Active ingredient – Dymethazine (DMZ)

Dymethazine (DMZ) is an oral prohormone designed to gain lean muscle mass and increase drying rates. This steroid allows you to create a high-quality form even in short courses, but can be safely used in courses up to 12 weeks.

How Dymethazine works

The action of DMZ is similar to the previously popular steroid Trenbolone. Also, the prohormone has similarities with Superdrol, which was banned by the Food and Drug Administration.

When ingested, it is converted to testosterone. It is not subject to aromatization and is not toxic to the liver. However, like all prohormones, it lowers its own testosterone production. Mandatory post cycle therapy is required!

The main effects of Dymethazine:

  • Strengthening the growth of lean muscle mass and “clean” mass gain during the course;
  • Stimulation of fat burning during the entire course with no fluid retention;
  • The growth of strength indicators, endurance and speed.

DMZ can be used for the following purposes:

  • As part of courses for lean muscle mass development (up to 12 kg, depending on the drugs);
  • Courses for “drying” the body without losing muscle mass (as fine-tuning) – for those who have recently had courses of prohormones;
  • As a first course for those who want to overcome the plateau and create a high-quality starting form for the subsequent transformation.

Dosages and administration

The dosage recommended by bodybuilders is 30mg per day depending on your tolerance to the drug.

The duration of the course should be roughly 4 weeks.

Dymethazine stacked with any Testosterone ester, or another aromatizing compound would be the best combination with this drug to gain the full effects that it provides.

Possible side effects

The improper use of Dymethazine may cause the user to encounter side effects. Side effects include infertility, behavioral changes, hair loss, and breast development (in men). Dymethazine can also lead to liver damage and heart disease, if the recommended dosage is exceeded.

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