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Manufacturer – Dragon Pharma

Release form –  10 ml vial at 400 mg/ml

Active ingredient – Testosterone Enanthate

Enanthate 400 is a powerful anabolic agent from Dragon Pharma. It is used in a wide variety of fields. It is used in medicine, in rehabilitation therapy after severe injuries and surgeries, for the treatment of delayed puberty. The steroid is equally effectively used in bodybuilding and weightlifting due to its longer ester “Enanthate”.

The effect of the drug on the body and the main effects

The main positive feature of the drug is its long-term effect on the body. Enanthate 400 is made on the basis of Testosterone Enanthate, an ester with a long chain and release time. Its effect lasts about 2 weeks. Thanks to this, it is very easy to maintain the content of the hormone in the body. It is enough to only inject once a week, but for the optimal benefits, this should be injected twice weekly. Enanthate 400 is an affordable drug. It’s easy to get hold of and is reasonably priced.

The main positive effects of the drug are:

  • Fast set of quality muscle mass;
  • Increased strength and endurance;
  • Improved muscle pumping effect from the extra retained nitrogen;
  • Increased overall tone and increased energy for those tough workouts.

Application methods

The dosage of Enanthate 400 is set individually. It depends on the fitness level of the athlete and experience in the use of sports pharmacology. Beginners are advised to start with a dose of 250mg per week. Professional athletes can use doses up to 1,000mg per week. The duration of the course is also determined individually. You can take the drug from 1 to 3 months.

Possible side effects

Like other anabolics based on Testosterone Enanthate, Enanthate 400 has its own side effects. Due to the form of injections, the drug does not have a strong effect on the liver. But the components still promote the aromatization process. An increase in the content of the female hormone in the body becomes the cause of the formation of such negative effects as:

  • Gynecomastia and puffiness around the breast tissue;
  • Swelling of the body and muscles due to the excess fluid retention.

To prevent such effects, anti-estrogen drugs should be added to the course of steroids.

Enanthate 400 has a strong androgenic effect. The body’s testosterone content increases. Because of this, the following side effects can be observed:

  • Greasy, oily skin;
  • Baldness;
  • Strong hair growth on the face and body;
  • Acne formation on the back and face;
  • Violation of the production of the body’s own testosterone production.

To stop these negative effects, PCT is used, which restores the hormonal balance after the cycle is complete.

Most of the side effects are due to the misuse of the drug (exceeding the dosage or course duration). Also, the cause of the negative impact may be individual intolerance to the individual components of the drug.

Combination with other drugs

Enanthate 400 is often used in combination with other anabolic steroids. This allows you to increase the effectiveness of the drugs. To increase power performance and increase the built-up muscle volume, a combination with Trenbolone Enanthate is used. To quickly build muscles with lower excess water retention, Stanozolol can be added to the cycle, but if you are looking for more of a drying effect, Testosterone Propionate is usually the preferred choice.

Enanthate 400 reviews

This drug is very popular in the sports field. It is used by weightlifters of all levels to prepare for a competition or to improve the effectiveness of regular training.

In our store you can buy Enanthate 400 and other steroids at attractive prices. Sellers with extensive experience will advise you on which course scheme to choose for the greatest efficiency, based on your training experience and previous usS pharmacology drugs.

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