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Manufacturer – Pharmacom Labs

Release form – 10 ml vial at 600 mg/ml

 Active ingredient – Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Decanoate, Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, Nandrolone Decanoate

Pharma Mix-4 is a steroid mix that includes both Testosterone and Nandrolone esters. The main property of this product is a strong, long-lasting, and uniform effect.

This drug is popular in bodybuilding and weightlifting, especially among those who want to gain muscle quickly, evenly and of good quality, as well as to increase physical performance. The product is active for 2 weeks, which makes it possible to take injections infrequently.

The composition of this mix is:

Steroid effects

Pharma Mix-4 is a quality mix for increasing muscle mass. The preparation has a synergistic effect, contributes to a pronounced growth of muscles, increases stamina and physical strength. In addition, the drug improves oxygen transport in the body, gives your muscles a “pumping” effect, stimulates aggressiveness, strengthens bone tissues and relieves pain in the joints. This oil-based solution is the equivalent to a good cycle in just one vial.

Having such a concentrated mix ensures that you will gain the correct levels of Nandrolone and Testosterone within the bloodstream, that is needed to reap all of the benefits form these two compounds. These positive effects include huge muscle mass gains, the protection of the joints, and vital areas, along with much faster

Buy Pharma Mix-4 Online

recovery times, enhanced endurance levels and many other great benefits also.

Recommendations for use

The drug is most often used for growth and increase of muscularity, increase of strength performance, and for general strengthening of the athlete’s body. It can be used as a solo cycle, but for greater efficiency and better results it can be taken with other anabolic agents. Women should not take Pharma Mix-4 because of the risk of virilization and masculinization.

The average dosage of the drug is approximately 600-1000mg once a week. The low frequency of use is due to its prolonged activity. After a cycle of this drug, you should take a PCT with Clomiphene and Proviron. If you use the drug according to the recommendations and instructions, you will easily achieve the desired result without harm to your health and negative reactions.

Side effects

When taking this drug, you should not forget that it has not only positive properties. Such unwanted effects as skin problems in the form of acne and greasiness, or increased hair growth may appear as side negative reactions. There can also be some adverse reactions in the form of gynecomastia or fluid retention in the body. Taking Cabergoline within your cycle can ensure none of these negative progestin based effects occur during use. The correct use of Pharma Mix-4 will ensure the protection of your body against these undesirable common negative effects.

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