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Our Mass steroid cycle is a 12 week course (everything included) which consists of two strong items Oxymetholone and Sustanon. Also Primobolan added, which is a mild steroid to prevent any dips when you are finished a work out and is highly recomended with this steroid cycle.

Consume protein at least 3 grams per kg/body weight and your daily caloric intake is 50 cal per kg/body weight.

Follow a high intensity training workout 4-5 days a week and drink lots of water while on cycle.

In total you recieve:

100 tabs Oxymetholone
20 ml Sustanon
20 ml Primobolan
30 tabs Tamoxifen

20 x 23g Needles
20 x Barrel


1 1 tab/day 3 ml/week 3 ml/week 0.5 tab/day
2 2 tabs/day 3 ml/week 3 ml/week 0.5 tab/day
3 2 tabs/day 3 ml/week 3 ml/week 0.5 tab/day
4 2 tabs/day 3 ml/week 3 ml/week 0.5 tab/day
5 1 tab/day 2 ml/week 2 ml/week 0.5 tab/day
6 2 ml/week 2 ml/week 0.5 tab/day
7 2 ml/week 2 ml/week 0.5 tab/day
8 2 ml/week 2 ml/week
11 1 tab/day
12 1 tab/day

If you have any issues or questions with the course, please feel free to contact us via email or on whatsapp

Buy Steroid Cycle.

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